We deploy cutting-edge Precision Agriculture and Blockchain technology in our agribusiness supply chain to ensure transparency, traceability and efficiency by recording the provenance of goods by storing information such as the date location and quality on a blockchain.

The traceability attributes  are important not that they’re not important but you can know more than just what where and when; more importantly how is it produced, was it organically grown, was it sustainably grown, what are the labor sources that you use? Other attributes include if it was of GMO origin, did you use pesticides in the growing of that product and you could have interrelated insights that could yield some new information that would enhance how you produce food.

With blockchain and with smart devices in every farmers hand it can be done today. 10 years ago it was an idea before its time but it’s totally doable today information captured at the packinghouse, transportation along that entire flow. Even sharing or communicating that information to the customer enables the to scan a code on a package and know where that product came from temperature conditions and any other attributes that they choose e.g if they’re interested in organic production.

That’s the vision of our blockchain pilot. Supermarkets restaurants consumers and regulatory bodies also have the ability to see where food came from and instantly recall impacted products. Producers along the supply chain can verify the origin of their food and consumers can rest easy knowing they have complete visibility to the entire block chain. It a new way for producers and consumers to ensure food safety and transparency.