NOSC Profile

The foundation was founded in 2007 driven by our concern for the rapid degradation of agricultural land that has been unscrupulously exploited by irresponsible farmers through the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides that are rampant. As one of the first supporters of organic rice farming in Indonesia, we are proud to be instrumental in the development of more than 500,000 hectares of organic rice fields in Indonesia to date.

We are located in 4 hectares of land in Nagrak, Sukabumi and using the Intensification of Rice (SRI) method in order to encourage the production of organic rice in a healthy and environmentally friendly country in an effort to improve the welfare of farmers.

The Rice Intensification System (SRI) is a methodology that aims to improve the yield of paddy produced in agriculture. It is a low water, labor-intensive method that uses younger seeds, is single and often weeded with special tools. It was developed in 1983 by Father Henri de Laulanie of France in Madagascar. Planting systems vary depending on available resources and agricultural constraints, geography and climate, and farmers' philosophy and culture. We recommend other plants besides rice as well.

Agriculture imposes an external cost on the community through pesticides, nutrient remnants, excessive water use, loss of the natural environment and many other problems. This remains our primary concern. Agriculture is the backbone of human existence. For every civilization to prosper, agriculture must be healthy and sustainable. Our Earth has plenty for everyone. We just have to manage the resources well. We focus on promoting organic farming and practices that are stress-free, violent, and chemical-free.


PT Segara Cipta Mandiri

As a foundation, we really are  a non profit. This still remains a NOSC intention. But our activities (often driven by our vision and mission) force us to engage commercially to achieve our goals faster. We established PT Segara Cipta Mandiri (PT SCM) as our commercial business unit. The company primarily serves the role of the Management Company to ensure the proper and sustainable development and organic growth of BUMR (Community-Owned Enterprises). Business unit activities help fund NOSC nonprofit activities. As a Management Company, our activities include: 


  1. Feasibility study and appraisal appraisal for new BUMR development
  2. Incubation and graduation of BUMR
  3. BUMR Manager Certification