ProChip Soil Verto

ProChip Verto is a Biological Soil Enhancement that increases plant productivity. It is scientifically formulated to restore soil productivity and promote plant growth. It is perfect for food crops, such as rice, corn, beans, vegetables, plantations, trees, and ornamental flowers. It comprises a proprietary blend of five species of Trichoderm and five species of Bacillus. From Genus Trichoderma : Trichoderma Harzianum, Trichoderma Viride, Trichoderma Koningii, Trichoderma Polysporum, while from Genus Bacillus : Bacillus Subtilis, Bacillus Laterosporus, Bacillus Licheniformus, Bacillus Megaterium , Bacillus Pumilus, Paenibacillus olymyxa.

Pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, and other chemicals greatly diminish the soil's natural population of beneficial microbes. This reduces the soil’s ability to support crops and other vegetation.The use of the product at the recommended levels immediately increases the population of these microorganisms to rapidly fertilize the soil. The augmented microbial population also increases the rate of crop residue decomposition due to the production of extracelluler enzymes including celulose, hemicelulose, chitin, and fungicides. ProChip-Verto improves soil condition by improving the soil’s natural microbial population. Its continued use will increase the number of nutrients, enhance root mass development and promote vigorous plant growth.

PoChip-Verto contains fungal elements that are packaged as live organisms containing both conidia (fungal spores) and fungal hyphae. The fungal spores are in suspension and remain inactive, but hyphae remain active requiring minimal maintenance metabolism. This product is void of any artificial coloring. The hyphae may produce pigments that turn the product dark green, light green, white, brown, or red. However this does not affect the strength of the product. These beneficial microorganisms facilitate plant growth in a number of ways including the breakdown and transfer of nutrients, it competes with pathogenic organisms, and even the degradation of toxic chemicals such as hydocarbon and fungicides.


Material Safety Data Sheet

Section I

Common name : ProChipsoil – Verto

Composition : > 60 % Trichoderma (5 species spore form), 30 % Bacillus (5

species spore form), 7 % Na-Carbonate, 3 % Citric Acid

Manufactured Name : PT.Agrotek Bumi Lestari. Jl. Raya Setu No 7, Cibuntu, Cibitung, Bekasi,

Jawa Barat (West Java), Indonesia. Phone : (+62) 021 29091361-62

Fax : (+62) 021 29091363-64

Email :


Section II Hazardous Ingredients /Identity Information

Hazardous Component : None

Contains less 5 % of Citric Acid, Carbonate


Section III Physical Characteristic

Colour : Light green, White

Form : Tablet

Weight : 4-5 gram/tablet

Wraping : Allumunium foil

Boiling Point : 100 C

Vapor Premium : H2O

Water Solubility : High

pH (H2O) : 6.1 – 6.8


Section IV Fire and Explosion Hazard

Explosion Hazard : None

Extinguishing Media : Water

Special fighting fire : None


Section V Health Hazard Data

Threshold of limit Value : None

Effect of Over Exposure : If Taken Internaly may cause intestinal upset

Emergency Find Act : Product is for external use only, even safe for human and animal, if

taken internaly in much amount, drink fresh water, call the Doctor.


Section VI Reactivity Data

Stability : Stable

Condition to Avoid : Excessive of heat (>40 C), strong acid or bases, Bacterisides and

fungicides compounds.

Hazardous Decoposition : None (N/A) (N/A : Not Available)

Hazardous Polymerazion : None (N/A)


Section VII Special Protection Information

Respiratory Protection : None Required

Protective Gloves : Standard Gloves (hand gloves for agriculture)

Eye Protection : None required

Other Protection : None

Ventilation : No Special reuired


Section VIII Special Precautions

On Handling & Storage : Avoid excessive heat, store the product in cool or cold, dry, no direct